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The Graduate Program in Physics at ITA announces a selection process for 10 (ten) PhD scholarships from the CNPq. Registration is open from April 9 to 30, 2020. The scholarships are associated with a collaboration project between ITA and the UFC, in the field of condensed matter physics: two-dimensional materials, DFT, atomic and molecular physics and astrochemistry; and with the CBPF, in the field of nuclear physics: gravitational waves, relativistic and non-relativistic models for the description of nuclear and stellar matter (applications in astrophysics), holographic models and heavy meson decays.

A scholarship in the amount of R$ 2,200.00 (two thousand and two hundred reais) per month, will be awarded for a maximum period of 48 (forty-eight) months, with 3 years at ITA plus one year at the partner institution (UFC or CBPF, depending on the research subject). The student will also have a co-supervisor at the partner institution.


About the Institution

pc28走势图The Aeronautical Institute of Technology (ITA) is an institution of higher education, ranked between the most prestigious engineering schools in Brazil. It is located at São José dos Campos, 90 km far from São Paulo City and  100 km far from Rio de Janeiro city. The Graduate Program in Physics at ITA has four major areas of research:

  • FIS-A: Atomic and Molecular Physics and Condensed Matter Physics.
  • FIS-C: Non-linear and complex systems; 
  • FIS-P: Plasma Physics;
  • FIS-N: Nuclear and Hadronic Physics, Quantum Field Theory, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Gravitation.



To apply for this call, the applicant must present:

  • a Master’s degree in Physics or related areas; or,
  • a Bachelor’s degree in Physics or related areas, with an excellent academic performance that justifies a direct doctorate.


Research Lines

pc28走势图This call refers to the following lines of research:

pc28走势图In Nuclear Physics (FIS-N):

  • pc28走势图Hadronic models (relativistic and non-relativistic) applied in the description of nuclear matter and compact stars (event GW170817, non-radial oscillations, rotating stars and other applications) 

    • (ITA);
    • (CBPF);
    • (ITA);
    • (CBPF);
    •  (ITA);
    •  (CBPF). 
  • Decay of heavy mesons (final state interactions and CPT invariance)  

    • (ITA);
    • (CBPF) .
  • Holographic models of quantum chromodynamics in the description of hadronic phenomenology 

    • (ITA) ;
    • (CBPF).

pc28走势图In Atomic and Molecular Physics (FIS-A):

  • Two-dimensional materials for optoelectronic sensors and photovoltaic cells 

    • (ITA) ;
    • (UFC); 
    • (ITA);
    • (UFC);
    • (ITA);
    •   (UFC);
    • (ITA).
  • pc28走势图Electromagnetic scattering on rough surfaces with 2D Materials 

    • (ITA);
    • (UFC);
    • (UFC). 
  • Astrochemistry / Atomic and Molecular Physics applied to Interstellar medium 

    • (ITA)
    • (UFC)



Applications should be sent to Prof. Odilon Lourenço (odilon.) until April 30th 2020 and the student must simultaneously enroll in the Graduate Program in Physics at ITA, following the instructions available at http://kenko-ojisan.com/posgrad/procseletivo.

The selection will consider both the candidate’s curriculum vita and academic history. To compete for the scholarship, the candidate must also be accepted as a doctoral student in the Graduate Program in Physics at ITA. Students not selected in the ITA-UFC-CBPF agreement could be approved in the graduate program with institutional scholarships.

More information can be found in the following file.